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Plant Powered Weight Loss

Weight loss is easy on a whole-food plant based diet

For many people, a vegan diet results in weight loss

Almost everyone looks and feels better and experiences improved health markers on a whole-food vegan diet.  It is possible to reduce weight on a vegan diet and when you know what to eat, it is also easy to gain muscle and bulk up.

There's a well known saying that when it comes to weight loss it is 70% diet and 30% exercise.  I am also a qualified personal trainer - and understand the type of amount of exercise each person needs.

Tried every exercise and eating plan out there?  Every single person i have worked with that has done as i suggested reduces their weight and gains a better understanding of their body, what it takes to reach a healthy goal weight and body composition and most importantly... how to keep it.

The good news is it's easier on a wholefood plant based diet!  So aside from saving animals and the Planet - you can also dramatically improve your health and well being.

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If you would love to lose weight - this is exciting - read on!

A recent scientific study known as "The BROAD Study" revealed that by simply changing to a plant based diet, most participants in the study experienced weight loss and improved health markers including cholesterol and blood lipid readings.  The most fascinating part of this study which was conducted on almost 700 people over 9 months in New Zealand was that the participants did not reduce calories or increase exercise.

More good news, was that people adopting a whole food plant based diet were more likely to sustain health benefits and reduced weight over time - particularly when compared with other weight loss interventions including meal replacement diets and bariatric surgery.

Why is a vegan or plant based diet working magic for people who want to reduce body weight?

The whole food plant based diet is rich in nutrients and micro nutrients and generally high in fibre.  These factors contribute to people feeling satiated - as both fibre and nutrients play a role in how our appetite works.

 I LOVE helping my clients achieve a body they love.  When you work with a professional dietitian - it's all about you.  Your body, your goals, your health and what works for you, your digestion and your lifestyle.

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