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weight loss retreats

Weight Loss retreats in beautiful Byron Bay

Transform your body in a fun and empowering retreat - made just for YOU 

We are happy to offer weight loss retreats in Byron Bay.  These retreats are exactly what you need to understand your body, eating behaviour and to learn all of the expert tips and tricks that will work for you - both in retreat and in the months and years following.

These retreats work on all levels of nutrition and the psychology surrounding your food choices.  You will work intensively with Vegan Dieitian Lucinda Morningstar and local expert personal trainer and a team of professionals depending on your needs.

These are the most effective and exciting retreat offering because we KNOW you will get results and leave empowered to maintain the change and achieve amazing benefits in your health and body transformation.

Follow up support is available as Lucinda works Australia wide offering online dietitian sessions and specific support.

You can book these weight loss retreats as a family, individual, couple or group of friends.  Depending on your individual situation we will recommend the most effective retreat for you to book along with the realistic expectations.

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We offer 7 day group retreats and tailor made retreats for individuals. 7 day retreats begin at $3000/person including accomodation, meals and all treatments (depends on group size).

Personalised retreats are costed to your needs and weight and health goals.  These one on one retreats are created to suit your body and health goals and are hosted expert dietitian, personal trainer, plant based cook and exercise physiologist.  Having this one-on-one advice, specific to YOU is the most powerful way to create long term change in your body and nutrition and eating habits.

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