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Vegan Retreats

Vegan Retreats in Byron Bay

Connect with nature, yourself and other like minded people

Hosted by Vegan Dietitian and animal advocate, Lucinda Morningstar - these Vegan Retreats have been created to celebrate the natural world, animals, plants and kindness.  Suited to current vegans and those transitioning to a vegan diet and lifestyle - you will leave inspired and empowered to continue to thrive and spread the message of kindness.

"I am vegan for ethical reasons - i love animals and nature!  It just so happens that on the right plant based diet humans are also happier and healthier - both in body and mind."

Co hosted with Byron Bay Retreats, we put these retreats together for people who need to get away, relax and connect in a supportive and truly vegan holiday or retreat.  Enjoy delicious, healthy vegan food and partake in experiences that are ethical, respect nature and all animals.


Byron Bay Vegan Retreats offer the best local, organic, plant-based and vegan foods, ethical animal encounters - meet animals on their terms, learn how to offer animals the best of yourself in a meaningful way.  Gain knowledge, experience and inspiration on how to truly connect with and commune with animals and nature.

Surround yourself with other caring people who love animals and truly relax into a vegan retreat - hosted by a vegan, for vegans.