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Vegan Health and Fitness

Vegan health and body transformation

Expert Fitness and nutrition advice for vegans, by vegans

When it comes to keeping your body in great shape and health - you can do this in a way that is ethical - caring for yourself, the earth and all earthlings.  Inspired by the documentary "The Game Changers" and by all of the elite athletes winning powered by plants - this program is your chance to do something positive for yourself and the world!

If you are lucky enough to be based in Byron Bay or visiting Byron Bay and want to get fit and healthy - check out our Game Changers Lifestyle Transformation.  This month long challenge is hosted by a vegan personal trainer and vegan dietitian to help vegans and people wanting to transition to plant based - or more plant based - to thrive, learn and be empowered through results.

If you are looking for a vegan personal trainer in Byron Bay - Matt Ogle is your man.  An expert who lives and trains vegan with decades of experience as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. 

To be part of this book you place or if the dates aren't perfect contact us for one on one sessions.