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Lulu's Vegan picks - goodies

Here are some vegan goodies that i absolutely LOVE

This book created by Anthea Amore is a gem - full of delicious food that shows how easy it is to be plant based, healthy and create amazing food.

The best vegan deodorants i have found

When it comes ti deodorant - and i work out HARD - here are my favourite Vegan deodorants.  Especially amazing as no plastic packaging!

Good + Clean Natural Deodorant Creme  

This is a great deodorant paste that comes in a tin.     There are a few differnt scent options , and Neroline - the one pictured - is my favourite.


Earths Purities Bicarb Free Deodorant Paste - Coconut & Mango

I  love the simplicity of this deodorant - packaged in a little cardboard box.  It is really well priced and   it works.  I usually put it into a spare tin or container .  There are a few scent options and they are all delicious!