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Is it easier to reduce body fat as a Vegan?

The simple answer to this question is...generally, YES.  Most people, when they  move to a vegan diet will stay or become a healthy body size/weight and composition (that is, a good blend of fat, muscle and overall size).

If we embrace a wholefood plant based (WFPB) diet - our mission for optimal health is fairly simple to achieve and this is for a host of reasons.  When we choose a wholefood, plant based or wholefood vegan diet than we tend to nourish our bodies with nutrients and keep our body chemistry balanced.

On the other hand, if we head for all the delicious vegan options and alternatives, we are not necessarily going to find it easy to maintain a healthy body.  There are just so many yummy  things out there and most processed foods are easy, nor beneficial, to incorporate into ur regular eating.

There's a lot more to long term weight loss than calories and macro nutrients - or macros.  Much of what is happening we do not realise, see or understand.  The things i am referring to are the changes in our body chemistry when we eat certain foods.

Some people will find they are eating too many carbs which make it harder for your body to balance blood sugar levels - impacting your appetite.  Another reason people on a vegan diet get hungry is because they need certain macro nutrients (yes, including protein) or micro nutrients.

If you are not sure what is happening for you, then book a session so we can look closely at what your body needs so you can nourish your body and choose foods that are satisfying and supportive to your short term and long term health.

In summary - YES it is easier to be healthier on a whole food plant based diet.  It is  nutritious and filling and balancing to our body which can help curb cravings and over eating.

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