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Do Vegans need protein powder?

Do Vegans need protein powder?

What is Sacha Inchi

Let's look at protein and protein powder - what is the best vegan protein powder?  Do i need protein if I am a vegan?  What type of vegan protein powder is best for me?

This is a question i am often asked and the answer depends on your body and situation.  If you are on a serious fat reduction and/or high intensity exercise program or your work/lifestyle makes access to foods a challenge - then yes - I recommend protein powders as an addition to your diet that can easily get you lean protein and amino acids.

If you are needing extra protein - something to put in smoothies, bowls and energy balls - then i recommend trying Sacha Inchi.  This is a natural food grown in South America and it has a naturally high protein content.

In fact, unless you really need to eat powdered protein, for one of the reasons i listed earlier,  i recommend a diet of fresh, varied foods that are organic wherever possible - supplemented with super foods to suit your health, body and goals. In other words - NO, you do not need to use protein powder as a Vegan - it all depends on the rest of your diet.

When it comes to protein powder - i love and prefer the wholefood derviced Sacha Inchi powder.  This can be used as a protein powder and has a mild, nutty taste.  Best of all it is a natural food with an array of wonderful nutrients.  I recommend this over commercially prepared protein powders for most clients.

I buy my Sacha Inchi powder from Santos Organics and store it in the fridge.

Here's some more information about Sacha Inchi

Organic Sacha Inchi has two mayor nutritional values: its high oleic quality and its elevated protein content: Omega 3, 6 and 9 are present in abundance, there is a low proportion of saturated fats and a near total composition of unsaturated fats. It is rich in vitamins A and E.

Sacha inchi powder is approximately 65% protein.  It contains both essential and non-essential amino acids and it is highly digestible.

The powder at Santos Organics is certified organic and is a product of Peru.

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