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Vegan Dietitian

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Ethical Eating

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Meet Lulu - Qualified Vegan and Plant Based Dietitian

If you want the healthiest, most ethical diet you have arrived!  Whether you are currently Vegan, vegetarian or transitioning, I will create with you a lifestyle in which you will thrive and feel amazing.  I have a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics.  In addition to being a vegan dietitian & nutritionist, I am a qualified personal trainer as well as a passionate animal lover and advocate.  I have lived a vegan lifestyle for years and love sharing my knowledge and passion. Dietitian consultations are available Australia wide and across the world.  Book a session today. 

Thrive on a plant based diet

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Why see a Qualified Dietitian?

It's easy to thrive on a vegan or vegetarian diet at any age - from infants, to children of any age and right throughout life.  It is important, however, to ensure you are getting the balance of macro  and micro nutrients that work for YOU - your body, your goals, your health and lifestyle.   

There is so much information on nutrition and it is not easy to find out what is true and what your priorities are. When it comes to sports nutrition, weight loss or just eating to feel amazing on a vegan, vegetarian or plant based diet - I can help.  All of my  recommendations are 100% vegan or plant based and I work with vegan and vegetarian diets as well as those transitioning to plant based.

One on one sessions give you the personalised advice and recommendations that you need.  "If you are not sure how a vegan dietitian can help you, send me a message"  Lulu 

Testimonials from lulu's clients

I had been pescatarian for years - feeling bad about eating the fish but concerned about protein and nutrients.  Lulu has guided me to a thriving, happy vegan and I feel better than ever.

Cerise Smithford

I am over the moon! i have finally achieved the body weight and tone i have always wanted...and the energy levels i thought had gone for good.  Loving my ethical, plant based lifestyle...Thanks Lulu!

Lina Sloan

When my 10 year old daughter decided to go vegan i was worried and did not know where to start.  With Lulu's expert guidance the transition for us as a family has been wonderful.

Dianna Rhees

Dietitian consultations

Expert, supportive advice from  a qualified dieitian. Ethical plant based eating for everyone including families and athletes.

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Vegan Retreats

Transformational, inspiring and ethical retreats. Relax, make friends and enjoy delicious healthy food, amazing nature experiences.

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Plant Powered Weight Loss

 FUN. SUPPORTIVE. RESULTS  Imagine coming back from a holiday in Byron Bay in a body you LOVE.  Fun and personalised meals and education for lasting results.


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